Luc Cadet

April 25, 2020 from 1:30p - 3p

Luc was born in Port Au Prince, Haiti and raised in the Caribbean lower working class communities of South and Central Florida, he rose from these environments of struggle to receive a dual Bachelor's of Business Administration Degree in Computer Information Systems and Management from The University of Texas at El Paso. After graduating college, he went on to start his career as a Project Manager and Consultant. Being a proud member of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc; he always believed in the motto culture for service, service for humanity.

In an attempt to serve humanity, he founded Abantu Audio in 2015. Abantu Audio is an oral storytelling digital medium dedicated to highlighting the true narratives, rich history, culture, struggles and accomplishments of people of color. Once founded, he dedicated his time, energy  and resources towards building a centralized platform where people of color can go to hear audiobooks based on the past, present and potential future events of their communities.

He believes through educating our communities of their rich heritage, history, and honest sociopolitical accounts of the impacts that politics, economics, etc has played in our communities; we as people of color will be better suited and able to apply the new found knowledge of self to bring about changes within ourselves as well as changes within our communities. 

As the Abantu Audio Team (or the Abantu Tribe as they call themselves and their supporters) continues to bootstrap what is becoming a powerful platform and community staple, they've successfully partnered with some of the most prestigious university press' such as NYU Press, Rutgers University Press, Duke University Press, University of Florida Press and others. The ‘Tribe’ increasingly seeks to partner with Black and other people of color in the publishing industry as much as possible to promote inclusion. As the team looks forward to it's summer 2020 launch of their Abantu Audio iPhone and Android App, the first Black Owned Audiobook App on the market, Luc continues to uplift his community by speaking on the importance of ownership, storytelling, and diversifying culturally and racially monopolized industries with a community focus.


Black Sci-Fi Panel

A presentation on Black Sci-Fi by Jeff Carroll, followed by a panel discussion

April 25, 2020 from 11a - 12:30p

Jeff C 2018.jpg

Jeff Carroll

Author / Screenwriter

Sheryl Y Battle Maxwell Photo.jpg

Sheryl Y Battle-Maxwell



Willie Lindsey

of Kosmik Komix

20160313_141521 - Marcus Roberts.jpg

Marcus H Roberts

Panel Moderator


Black Identity in Contemporary Black Literature

April 26, 2020

Miss Akwa Ibom 2019 Udeme Ikaiddi.png

Udeme A Ikaiddi

Miss Akwa Ibom USA 2019-2020
Panel Moderator

IMG_0814 Headshot1.jpg

She Nell



Jay Noetic

Author, Life Coach, and spiritural counselor


Lakema Massey

Teen / YA Author, Mentor


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